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The answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Pharma BIT operate through the pharmacy’s commercial program or is it an individual software?
PharmaBIT is a software that cooperates with the pharmacy’s commercial program. It does not get installed through the commercial program, meaning that for the software to operate, the commercial program does not need to be open.
Who is able to install Pharma BIT and what is the process?
The installation of Pharma BIT can be carried out by the user, himself. By purchasing Pharmabit ® you are provided with the installation cd which installs the software on the computer. Once the process from the cd is completed, the user must communicate online with the CSA support to activate the software.
If there are many computers, in the pharmacy, that are using the commercial program, should Pharma BIT be installed in all of them?
The Pharma BIT ® bundle should be installed on a single computer (since the serial number of the activation code is unique). The user will choose whether to install it on a computer of the pharmacy that is locally connected to the server or install it on a computer that connects with remote access to the pharmacy’s network(eg laptop from home).
Is the management of my data safe or is there any chance for them to leak?
Each user/pharmacy manages its data LOCALLY, therefore, there is no question of security or leakage of the pharmacy’s data. The only procedures performed via the internet is the update the of the OTC database in Pharmabit ® and upgrading the product. The software only receives data it does not send any!
Where can I get trained for the correct use of Pharma BIT?
The Pharma BIT environment is very user friendly towards the user. Concerning the proper use of the software, along with the program bundle, comes a detailed and illustrated instruction manual. Also on the PharmaBIT website, in the ​​support tab, there can be found videos, that demonstrate in detail how to use the program. Finally, if the user has any questions about the operation of Pharmabit ®, he may contact the support department on +30-210-2715032 (ext. 209).
Does the drugs and OTC database of PharmaBIT get updated automatically, or should I follow a certain process? How often does it get updated?

[video coming soon] The Pharmabit ® database, gets automatically updated whenever there are changes to an existing product of the firms that are supported by the base (eg changing wholesale price list, creation of promo product, change product barcode, etc.), or when a new product gets released in the market by any of those firms. The only thing the user has to do to in order to integrate the renewed database in Pharmabit ®, is to select through the program the Internet internet and the process 'information base'. To complete the procedure, the user must select the command 'integration'. Due to the frequency that changes occur to products or brands because of the frequent emergence of new products, it is advised for this process to take place at least once a month.

How do I tranfer the updated database, from PharmaBIT to the pharmacy’s commercial program?

[video coming soon] To perform the installation of the renewed base in the pharmacy’s commercial program it is required of the user to choose from the 'parameters' menu, the 'Application Parameters' method. In the window displayed the user should select the tab drugs - OTC, mark the bottom left option 'Use PharmaBit' and choose 'application'. Right after, the 'Ancillary Works' menu, choose the option 'Update' and 'OTC updates'. In the tab displayed the user must press the button 'Use product PharmaBit' at the top left tab and indicate the path for the export file in the field named 'driver'. This file is located in the folder pharmabit installed in the computer's hard drive. Choosing “Update” completes the integration process of the renewed database from Pharmabit ® in the commercial software.

Will the entries that I had already made in my commercial program, be deleted if I transfer the database from PharmaBIT?
The products contained in the database of Pharmabit ® are controlled by testing the product code (barcode). Consequently, if a product is saved in the renewed database has the same product code as it does in the commercial software, then is implemented a check to find out if any changes have been made to the product details (eg change of the wholesale price list, promo, new barcode in same product) if any of the data has changed, then those are replaced. If not, it remains unchanged. Also, if any of the products of the renewed base is not found at the base of commercial program and then, that too is installed it as new.
How can I see, through PharmaBIT, information about products of a certain brand?
[video coming soon] For the user to see information about products from a particular firm, the menu “products” should be selected and choose the search form, enter the name of the firm for which the products, one wishes to know and choose the button 'search filter'. The list that appears contains all products of the firm selected in the search form. If the user wants to view information for a specific product of that firm, then the product they are interested in should be selected and displayed in the product card. There is information about the product name, the house to which it belongs, the categorization it has been given and the wholesale list price and product code.
In my pharmacy, I also make my own products that I have save in my commercial program with their own product code. Will these products be included in the reports?

[video coming soon]To create reports, pharmabit controls, based on the barcode, the movements made ​​by the products in the commercial program. Therefore, since these products are only in the commercial program, they should be integrated in pharmabit. To do this, the user must select from the menu “products' (via the search form) the “own” category that represents his own products. On the screen, there will be displayed a list of 11 categories from which the user will choose where does the product that wishes to incorporate, belong. Once the product card is opened, there he should enter the barcode by choosing “new registration” and insert a new barcode and registration. It is important at this point to mention, that this process must continue for all the other products of the category by typing the barcode for each product separately. Thus by following these steps, the “own” products of the pharmacy will also be included in the reports.

How are the movements of the pharmacy get incorporated from the commercial program PharmaBit®?

[video coming soon]To incorporate moves from the commercial program to PharmaBit ® the user should choose from the 'menu introduction of movement' the title key. To complete the process the command 'integration' must be chosen. In this way, all the movements of the pharmacy’s commercial program are incorporated to PharmaBit ®. The repetition of this operation is carried out on the basis of the user himself. For example, if the last move was the import of movements made on 01 March of a certain year and the user wants to view reports that also include the period from March 2 to 15 then he must repeat the “import moves” process to integrate the rest of the moves to PharmaBit ® .

How do I check my sales from each product category separately and of all together totally?

[video coming soon]For the user to create reports, about the sales by each major product category and a total of all of them together, then he should select the Reports menu, the “sales” category and “sales per product” category. In the screen that appears he should initially choose the period for which he is interested in being informed. It should be clarified at this point that the scope of the range must be in the same year. You then need to mark the desired categories in this case, all of them. By pressing report view, the user can have an overview of sales by product category for each month separately and cumulatively since all months are combined. Specifically, for each month in each product category there is displayed the number of items that have been sold, what has been collected from the sale of these items at retail prices without VAT and the percentage occupied by this amount relative to the total amount collected from all categories together. The same applies to the final total of the year.

If the user has registered his products in product category different than PharmaBit ® where will that appear in the final reports?
The basic criterion based on which the reports extract data on the movements of products is the product code (barcode). So the categorization given by the user does not matter. Once these codes exist in PharmaBit ®, the program itself, in the reports, places the products where they are categorized initially and not where they are categorized by the user in the commercial program. This works locally only on PharmaBit ®, therefore there will no occur any changes in the classification of the commercial program.

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