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What is PHARMA BIT®;

PHARMA BIT ® (Business Intelligent Tool) is a "smart" pharmacy management system, that enables Pharmacists-Entrepreneurs to gain full control over their Pharmacy.

It is a software program that:

  • Contains the largest list of OTC products, categorized into 4 distinctive levels also including the promos of registered firms.
  • Cooperates with the pharmacy’s commercial program and it gives the Pharmacist a complete picture of his pharmacy through reports. When the user selects a report, PHARMA BIT ® controls from common product codes of the two programs (the commercial and PharmaBIT) the moves that have been made in the commercial program (sales - purchases) it collects information and automatically fills the fields of the reports PHARMA BIT ® creates.

Why choose PHARMA BIT®;

With PHARMA BIT® you can:

Obtain a comprehensive and constantly updated database for pharmaceutical products.

Answer questions like:
- What products sell in each category per month and what type of products generates a larger turnover rate?
- How does the turnover differentiate by product category, during each month?
- Which companies are involved with their products in the turnover of each product category?
- How are my purchases and sales by company and how to organize the targeting with my suppliers?
- At what pace is my stock recycled? Is it larger than needed?
- How do I make correct orders without being left with stagnates commodity?
- Finally what I earn from my pharmacy? Am I able to earn more?

Reports and Tables

The information on the pharmacy’s operation is given via references and tables that are included in PHARMA BIT. Specifically it includes:

  • Reports over total sales per month, category and firm of products
  • Controlling reports of products purchases per month, category and firm of products
  • Reports over stock control, per month, category and firm of products
  • Tables about profitability and sales per month
  • Business plan creation


DATA BOX ® Database

Pharma BIT includes DATA BOX ® Database.